Flying into Coghill Lake cabin for a day trip
Well I've been out in Idaho on a Fire for the past few weeks but now back AK.(fire pictures coming soon). We missed our only trip to check out and work on the Coghill lake cabin in Prince William so I had to go out for the day and check it out and do what needed to be done. Rounded up someone from the forest service to go out there with me (not hard) and we flew out of lake hood in Anchorage on a Cessna 206 on floats. Took a shortcut over some glaciers on the way home. Just another day at the office

Leaving Lake Hood and midtown Anchorage

Cool light flying down along the Seward highway along Turnagain Arm

The main route into prince William Sound is over Portage Lake and then a hard left (just before the mountain strait ahead) and through portage pass. The Portage Glacier Visitor center is at the end of the road in the bottom part of the photo (part of our forests district) The glacier has receded back around the corner and out of veiw from the visitor center (back and to the right of the lake)

Here is Portage Glacier. The main way to see it now is by taking a 2 hour boat ride tour. You can see the boat on the lake in front of the glacier for scale. The boat is 80 feet long and holds 200 passengers.

Passing the popular Blackstone bay. It is the most popular sea kayak area in Prince william sound as it is only a 1 hour boat ride from the town of Whittier (and a 1 day kayak paddle each way)

Finally landing at Coghill lake

Here is a 2 minute little video of taking off of Coghill lake. Its in windows media 9 and is 5mb

We decided to take a shortcut and fly over Harriman Fjord and Glacier back towards Girdwood. (I've taken the forest service boats in here) Here is Cascade and Barry Glacier flowing into Harriman Fjord

Suprise Glacier spilling into Harriman Fjord

The Harriman Glacier spilling into the Fjord

Close up of some glacier crevasses

more crevasses

Here is the Twentymile Glacier heading into Carmen Lake and forming the headwaters for the 20 mile river

Here is the 20 mile River being fed by the Twentymile Glacier. The river winds down till it hits the Seward Highway about 10 miles from Girdwood. Occasionaly we get to jet boat or take a fan boat up the river to "check on things"

Flying by Girdwood on the way back to Anchorage (no place to land a floatplane in Girdwood)