Well a freind needed to pick up a car in Eagle River, Alaska so we decided to walk from girdwood through the popular crowpass to eagle river traverse trail. It's about 26 miles or so and we took our time and spent one night out on the trail. Saw 3 living bears, 1 dead bear, many dall sheep and a mountain goat or two. Here are a few photo's from along the way.

Hiking up to crow pass, still a fair amount of snow.

Hiking up towards the pass

The Crow pass Forest Service Cabin

The outhouse for the Crow Pass Cabin was still under a bit of snow

At Crow pass looking out on the Raven Glacier

The crew (me on left)at the top of crow pass (-1 taking the photo)

Hiking down off the pass towards raven valley

Saw a few good wet avalanches coming down the mountains. Got a photo of this one just before it hit the snowfield below.

Saw 3 black bears while hiking through and one dead one being skinned by some hunters

the raven gorge

Raven Gorge bridge and falls

Checking out raven gorge

Hiking along raven valley with crow pas in the background

Crossing eagle river. This is often the crux of the route as the water is very cold and can be deep and swift. Was under knee deep this time of year.

After about 14 miles decided to camp at Gorge creek. The weather stayed good all night and some whiskey disappeared as is the tradition

Day 2, passing twin falls in the eagle river valley

The amazing rock/ladder climbing dog

Toilet humor never gets old. A good tree burl