Another 4th of July has passed in Alaska. Girdwood had its annual Forest Fair which is one of the biggest events in girdwood all year. Its mostly music, beer, and homemade crafts in the small wooded park in the middle of girdwood, all free of course. The weather was very good this year with mostly sunny and temps of almost 70 degrees at times. I got to go to the fair during the day friday, saturday I had to work till 5pm (a boat trip into Prince William sound) but then was able to hang out all night saturday. A good time had by all. Here are a few photo's

Girdwood from halfway up Alyeska Mtn. Its a short 45 minute hike up 2000' to the to of the tram which I do often when I have some spare time and need to fit in a quick hike. I live one block from where the main road ends at the base of the mtn

Midway up Alyeska Mtn

Paraglide launch site at the top of the tram. That will be me next year if all goes as planned.(taking the full paragliding course this fall)

The main stage at the forest fair park

The Very popular Forest Fair beer garden

Gretchin in the beer garden

Karen S was spotted in the beer garden

no comment

Stacy selling her wine racks at a booth at the Forest Fair

Had to go to Prince William Sound for a day trip on saturday to pick some folks up from a work trip. Here's the view from one of the forest service boats

The face of the Glacier is 300' tall and we are still near a mile away

another boat a little closer to the glacier

A popular sea kayak campsite next to the glacier. You can see the people and kayaks in the lower right hand part of the picture. I great spot to watch the glacier calve big chunks into the ocean.