Had Saturday, June 7th, off from work so I went up for some skiing on the Jewel Glacier with some other Forest Service Folks. Here are some photo's

Here I am on the way up crow creek valley, the sun was shining

Here's Tim and Betty starting the hike up. You can see the parking lot for the trail head down and to the right.

After a nice hike we left the main trail and up into the valley toward the jewel glacier. Plenty of snow now to start skinning

Climbed up into a white out cloud but made it to the top of the glacier and waited for the clouds to clear.

The clouds cleared off after a nice lunch, Here I am at the top of the jewel glacier looking towards the milk glacier

Tim and Betty at the top of the Jewel glacier looking down towards Raven Valley

Looking out at the milk Glacier Headwall, One of my favorite runs in the area - 2000' of almost 50 deg steepness.

Betty starting the ski down ripping tele turns. Was about an Inch of heavy fresh snow on top of the smooth spring snow.

I went with the Randonee gear so here I am skiing fixed heel style

Here I am again skiing down the glacier rolls, Felt good to be on skis again

Tim Skiing down

Tim skiing further down, notice the consistent tele form

Towards the bottom we were able to link a few snow fields and make it down to the lower part of the trail with only a few places of no snow. Here's Tim milking turns near the bottom.

Betty connecting the last bits of snow with a little grass skiing. The Jewel Glacier is out of view in the valley behind the upper middle part of the picture

Its never enough skiing, The snow ended and we had to walk down to the car.

Tim cruising down the trail. Most of the skiing we did was in the valley just in front of the large looking peak in the upper middle of the picture, The top of the Jewel Glacier is a good deal higher than anything in this photo.