Australia - from the road - part one
Found a hostel that would trade me some software for internet time and let me screw around with their computer and load my programs to update this webpage. Here are just a few random shots and descriptions from my first month here, it went by so fast More to come as the journey continues...(sorry no Sydney pictures yet)

Had a stop in Korea on the way and checked out Seoul
for some food and entertainment

I met a New Zealand Guy in the airport and we took the bus into Seoul (90 minutes) and had a korean feast of blowfish and all the trimings

The aftermath of our feast

You never feel far from home, even in Korea

Typical deserted beach along the east coast of Australia

Lots of vineyards and wineries in the area, I had more
than a taste

Drunk biking from vineyard to vineyard

Drinking free wine is never hard. This girl working at the Winery said she took an all day private ski lesson in New Zealand from an Alaskan, she rembered his name vividly too - one Garth Mcphee (saw her surfing in the water the next week)

A typical Backpackers Hostel in Australia with pool and all. I've been staying in these and camping the rest of the time

I've been trying to surf each day but all the australians are better than me. They seem to pull the kids out of school each day to go surfing

Went on a small surfing safari up the east coast stopping at all the small surf spots. Here in the classic Cresent head point break. If you get the right wave you can surf from the rocks all the way to the beach (or if you fall you can pick up a wave anywhere in between)

Drove up to a National park in the mtns and went for a walk in the rainforest. Here is the skywalk, a 180 foot high boardwalk through and above the forest canopy

went for a 5 mile bush walk on a good track (what they call hiking and trails) through the rainforest

Lots of big old trees, This one was over 100' tall and 7 feet in diameter. I would not have to chainsaw this one down!

The animals don't trust me in Australia either. This roo was not too happy at my picture taking
This bird would not let me pass on the trail
I did see a wild Koala but didn't have my camera out. Here is one at the Koala hospital in Port Macquarie