Australia - part two
Well got back to Girdwood in time for a major snowstorm of 5 feet in 3 days. Was a good treat to come back to except for all the shoveling. The weather then turned very cold and I had dreams at night of the warm sunshine and friendly folks in Australia. Here are a few more photo's from the trip.

Cheesy tourist photo #1
Opera House

Cheesy tourist photo #2
Opera House

Cheesy tourist photo #3
Harbor Bridge

Cheesy tourist photo #4
Sailing, Sydney Harbor

Good Australian Street performers, This guy has a live large bird on his head while he plays

Gotta love a City with lots of beaches, Manly beach, N Sydney

Waves were Cranking at Manley

More waves at Manley beach. Our last few weeks saw strong winds and large waves, I crushed my shoulder on a wave way to big for me to be riding
but no pain no gain

Here's me and my board. I had to sell the board in Australia which was a sad day. I still have the wetsuit and am ready for the next surf vacation

here's Destin with his Mini Mal surfboard

Doesn't look closed too me! At the popular beaches the lifeguards will close the beach on days with big surf and big rip currents(surfers are still allowed)

On the east coast of Australia you are
never far from a good surf beach

The red light district and Backpacker section of Sydney - Kings Cross! Lots of hostels and people traveling mixed in with shady strip joints and sketchy characters. (I didn't think it was very sketchy compared to big cities in the USA)

10 weeks in Australia and all the nights seem to blend together. Pretty typical night (from what I can remember).

Lots of Large Bats in Australia. Even in downtown Sydney at the Botanical gardens there were thousands of Bats hanging in the tree's and waking up each evening and flying off for some food.
There is a obsession with the "bigs" in Australia. The big lobster, banana, prawn, clam, Pineapple, Orange, ect... over 80 of these cheesy tourist traps through out Australia
The Big Banana

Tried to go paragliding at some sand dunes but was very windy, had fun playing in the sand even if we could not fly.
Checking out the Dunes
They put signs everywhere in Australia and the pictures on them are great.

Traffic Jam, not what I wanted to look at for a few miles.

Went' to the shipping industrial town of Newcastle to paraglide, but once again was too windy to fly. Lots of big ships sitting out in the ocean

2 people, 2 surfboards, 2 paraglidiers, and all our other crap was a tight fit in the Nissan Pintara Wagon. (sold it for what I paid for it 2 months and 5000 miles later)

The Never ending search for a place to paraglide with the correct winds and direction led us to some great views. Destin decided to fly this day even though the wind was from a slightly wrong direction. I watched him sink out and barely clear some power lines. The point in the background is Byron Bay, the Easternmost point in Australia.

With another days forecast for strong winds we gave up on the search for a place to paraglide and decided to climb Mt Warning,

The Summit of MT Warning is the first place the sun hits in Australia Each morning. A popular sunrise hike (we just pretended it was sunrise)

Looking out from the summit towards the ocean and back towards Byron Bay

Lots of hungry wild Turkeys on the summit of MT Warning.

Strange Birds

A quick drive back to try and get in some afternoon paragliding near Byron Bay led to another nice view and strong winds

Watch out for the Kangaroo's on the Road!

Came back to a 5 foot snowstorm. lots of shoveling but some great skiing. my legs were out of shape but it didn't stop me from getting some face shots.
The last few days were very clear and cold and I'm back to work at the Forest Service. Here is midday sun near the winter solstice. Doesn't get very high in the sky this time of year.
We had some cold morings heading out to work. here is the first day light with pyramid peak in the backround. (9:45am)