Paragliding in Australia

I finished an Eight day paragliding course and now purchased all my own gear and am hanging out in the area with the instructors just trying to fly everyday (after I go for a morning surf) Here are a few photo's. See ya on the ground!

Getting ready to take off from North Brother Mtn

Looking out from the take off from North Brother Mtn

There I go!

Cathing the ridge lift from the late day ocean breeze and a few thermals still around I go up and soar for as long as the sun is still up.

Evening flight around North Brother mtn above the town of Laurieton

Looking back over the top of North Brother mtn

More flying over North Brother mtn. That computer thing is a Vario which tells how fast you are going up and down. When you are going up it makes a beebing noise that is faster and higher the faster you are going up. For a paraglider it is the best sound in the world for it means you can fly for that much longer.

Paragliding is all about finding the best site for the day with wind direction and speed. Here we got shut down as the wind was howling at the top of Middle Brother Mtn and did not slow down as the forecast said it would. Well it was a nice 40 minute drive and view.

when the ocean breeze blows steady from the correct direction you can soar along the hills behind the beaches for hours. (North Brother Mtn in the background)

Taking off for some mellow coastal soaring

Flying along Shelly beach near the town of Port Macquarie

More Soaring along Shelly beach. We flew for almost 2.5 hours along the beach this day on two flights (came down to eat lunch)

Nothing like an evening of coastal soaring then to land and have a nice sunset along the ocean

A few more paragliding shots, I think I have a new lifelong problem - all I want to do is fly... 
Getting ready at the top of Middle brother mtn Launch
flying over middle brother mtn, here's Destin just below me
Getting up near the clouds way above middle brother mtn
A smooth landing near Middle brother mtn

When not flying in the mtns the Coastal sights have smoother air allowing for the better pilots to skim the tree's

Its feels like carving through the air with a strong lean and bank angle

NO matter how long you fly its just not enough

Dangers on the road