I'm sick of people asking me what I do at work. Here are some pictures from last week at the "office"

The view from my office cruising at 34 knots (39mph) thats fast for a boat. I'm boat captain and crew leader this year

A zoomed in view of the mtns while driving the boat, was quite bouncy but the picture came out ok. you can see a little bit of the Harvard Glacier coming to the sea

A self portrait while installing a new roof on the South Culross Cabin Woodshed

Got a shrimp pot and permit this year. Were allowed to use the boat after work to do a little fishing and such

The Shrimp are big jumbo's (alaskan prawns) and taste kinda like lobster when fresh and cooked correctly

These made a great dinner 1 hour after pulling them out of the ocean. Now thats fresh! (there in an orange colored bucket)

The view from the front of one of our cabins at high tide just after midnight, it never really gets dark this time of year. you can see the moon reflecting on the water in the upper middle of the picture

Here's the boat I drive, its a 30' landing craft with twin inboard jet 250hp deisels and holds 200 gallons of fuel with lots of gadgets and toys. an expensive boat they let me drive!

More photo's as the season continues...