Here are some photo's and video from work last week and a Busy visit to AK
Took a new boat (for me that is) out to prince william sound with one other guy on my crew. A funny little video of his first time seeing spawning salmon. I then got home and found out Busy was up in Anchorage again for work so I cruised up to Anchoragua and we caught some tunes and beers at the moose's tooth anniversary party.

on another note this morning (sunday) busy got the sunday anchorage paper and saw an article on my bear encounter. the newspaper writer got the web address from a friend and never contacted me but put an article in the paper and a link to the web page.Here's the article from the Anchorage Daily News

As the boat I usually drive is out for a while with a blown engine I took one of the other forest service boats out for the trip.

Here is looking out from the front porch of the paulson bay cabin with the boat anchored out front. It was pretty rainy and cloudy but usually you can see the glacier and mtns

Finally the sun came out some and some of the bottom of the mountains and glaciesr could be seen

These wildflowers were growing out of cracks on a sea cliff

The cozy paulson bay cabin

At low tide you can get to this waterfall and pool near South Culross Cabin. The creek it feeds is very shallow and this is the only deep spot, its a cool green color, very clear as well.

The pink salmon were starting to run up the creeks near the South Culross Cabin

Link to 1.2mb windows media video of one of the crews first time seeing spawning salmon

Finally the last day of the trip we had sunny weather and calm seas, becoming rare in Prince William Sound when I'm out there it seams. Here I am driving the boat back to Whittier

Busy was in anchorage so I went up there on saturday and we caught the photon band and lots of beers at the Moose's Tooth anniversary party. Here is me, Candice (Kropke's lady) and Busy